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Welcome to the innovative universe of Spatial, where virtual reality merges with creativity and discovery. In this extraordinary journey through our metaverses, we invite you to explore new digital dimensions that take art, fashion (and more) to levels never seen before. Get ready to leave the everyday world behind and immerse yourself in unique experiences, where interactivity, beauty, and adventure blend into an engaging fusion. Are you ready to experience art and fashion like never before? Then, let yourself be transported and begin your journey into the fascinating world of Spatial!

Metaverse 1: “Art Gallery”

The first Metaverse is a virtual art gallery reproduction where artistic expression comes to life in an experimental environment. In this prototype, the user can immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the gallery, explore every corner, and admire a selection of captivating paintings. Spatial’s innovative exploration mechanics allow for free movement and enjoying art in a completely new way, an experience that opens new horizons in artistic appreciation.

Metaverse 2: “Business Innovation Showcase”

Step into our second Metaverse: an interactive art gallery reproduction that goes beyond mere observation. In addition to admiring extraordinary artworks, engage in exciting quests/missions that will lead you to explore every room of the exhibition, unlock hidden secrets, and collect unique items. The adventure in this gallery is not just an artist’s view, but an active participation that will engage you in a new and thrilling way with the virtual art world.

Metaverse 3: “Virtual Atelier Prototype”

An atelier sets the stage for our third virtual experience in the metaverse, offering a revolutionary vision of the bridal fashion world. In this innovative space on Spatial, users can immerse themselves in the beauty of exclusive wedding dresses through photos and videos that capture the essence of unique styles. They can then virtually explore the atelier, view the dresses from every angle, and be inspired by an immersive experience that brings them closer to the wonderful world of weddings. This cutting-edge prototype is just a taste of what the future holds for virtual fashion exploration.

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