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Everything started in 1996. Discover who we are and our story, through our past, present and future.

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Our Story

Welcome to X5G.

Our story begins in 1996 with Starbit Solutions, an IT services company, founded by Christian de Miranda,which was later joined by Tua Pubblicità, a communication and marketing company founded by Massimiliano Della Paolera.

With the merger of these two entities in 2006, we became X5G, and since then, we have always aimed to anticipate digital challenges and offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

After over 25 years, today we have become an important reference point in the field of technological innovation and software development.


The Power behind Success: Introducing Our Team

Our team consists of experts in various disciplines, from web design to software programming, and from interaction design to extended reality and artificial intelligence. This diversification allows us to embrace a wide range of projects, from mobile application development to immersion in the metaverse and gaming. We are proud to combine our decades of experience with a passion for innovation to create unique, tailored solutions for every client.

Christian de Miranda


Massimiliano Della Paolera

Account Manager

Antonio Grasso

Marketing Manager

Eulalia Marchese

Graphic Designer

Andrea De Gruttola

3D Generalist

Fabio De Vitto

Web Designer

Davide Aprile

Full Stack Developer

Raffaele Pierro

Full Stack Developer

Think about the future

1 Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as leaders in the field of technological innovation, constantly anticipating emerging trends and shaping the digital future. We are guided by the fundamental principles of diversity, inclusion, and sustainability.

Join us in shaping the digital future as we commit to creating a more inclusive, sustainable, and innovative world.

We are ready to work with you to achieve new heights of success, addressing the most pressing global challenges.

2 Mission

Our mission has always been to exceed our customers' expectations by providing high-quality products and services that drive technological innovation.

We continue to invest in talent, research, and development to stay ahead of industry evolution and contribute to the success of the companies we serve.

The secrets for a great job:
passion and processes



Analysis of clients needs
In this phase, we plan tailor-made solutions to effectively meet the clients needs.


Planning and Goal Definition
We define a detailed plan considering requirements, timelines and budget.


Conceptual & Graphic Design (UX/UI)
We define navigation, layout, colors and typography for an enhanced user experience


Project Implementation
We are committed to delivering your project with precision and flawless functionality.


Testing and Quality Control
We conduct tests to identify and resolve bugs or usability issues.



Client Training & Deployment
We provide the necessary training for the client to independently manage their website.

Bring your

Ideas to life