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Embark on an epic space adventure with “Space Shooter,” the 2D game that puts you in command of a powerful spacecraft. Your mission is simple: defend the universe from menacing asteroids approaching. Take control of your ship and get ready for adrenaline-pumping action in this game optimized for both PC and mobile devices!

🚀 Ship Command:
Maneuver your spacecraft with ease using intuitive controls, perfectly adaptable to both mouse and keyboard as well as touchscreen devices. Dodge giant asteroids and showcase your space pilot skills as you immerse yourself in a visually stunning universe.

💥 Shooting and Power-Ups:
Fire against hostile asteroids with your spaceship. Collect power-ups after asteroid explosions to enhance your weaponry and increase your chances of survival. Shoot with precision and strategy to take down asteroids before they get too close!

🏆 Destroy Everything and Compete:
Achieve the highest score possible and claim the title of the ultimate defender of the universe! There’s no global leaderboard, but your personal satisfaction will be your best reward. Test yourself, improve your skills, and become number one in your world.

🎵 Immersive Soundtrack:
Fully immerse yourself in the space experience with an engaging soundtrack and captivating sound effects. Every shootout and explosion is accompanied by sounds that will make you feel truly in the heart of the space battle.

“Space Shooter” is the perfect game for space action lovers, offering non-stop thrills and captivating graphics. Play now and get ready to defend the universe in style!

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