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n collaboration with DryBlue laundry, we have developed a comprehensive and tailor-made website, designed to meet the client’s needs and enhance user experience.

Our goal was to create an online platform that not only showcases the services offered by the laundry but also provides added value through educational content and an integrated e-commerce system.

Key features:

  • Integrated E-commerce: We have developed a dedicated section for online shopping, allowing customers to conveniently purchase cleaning and garment care products directly from the laundry website.
  • Educational Blog: We have created a blog full of informative articles on garment care, offering useful tips based on laundry labels and effective stain removal techniques. This has enabled the laundry to become a reliable resource for its customers, enhancing their knowledge and confidence in the fabric washing process.
    Institutional Sections: We included the classic “About Us” and “Location” sections, providing users with essential information about the company and its whereabouts.
  • Transparent Processing: We have created a section dedicated to detailing the garment washing process within the laundry, from the moment the customer drops off their items to the return of clean and ironed garments. This has helped convey transparency and trust to users regarding the quality of services offered.
  • Service Request Forms: We implemented a convenient online form that allows users to easily request pickup and delivery of their items, as well as providing a direct channel for requesting additional information.



The website has enabled the laundry to:

  • Increase its online visibility and attract new customers.
  • Enhance customer experience by offering online booking services and an informative blog.
  • Boost sales of cleaning and garment care products.

Technologies and Tools Used:

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL
WordPress, WooCommerce, Yoast SEO


This project has been a rewarding experience that has showcased our abilities in creating e-commerce websites and informative content. The site has been highly successful for the laundry, contributing to its growth.

Furthermore, thanks to our work, the laundry has been able to:

  • Establish itself as an expert in the garment care industry.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Gain a competitive advantage over competitors.

We are proud to have contributed to the success of this company and to have created a website that is not only beautiful and functional but also offers real added value to customers.


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