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“Lacking Measure” is the game that breaks the mold, taking the classic “Breakout” gameplay to new levels of challenge. Get ready for an engaging adventure on mobile and PC, where your skill in controlling the platform is crucial to prevent the ball from falling, while bonuses and penalties make each level a unique experience.

🧱 Creative Destruction:
Break bricks and unlock new realms of fun with “Lacking Measure.” Every shot you take contributes to shaping your path through creative and surprising levels. Challenge gravity and make the most of bonuses to overcome the unique obstacles that await you.

🎯 Strategic Skills:
Keep your ball in play by moving your platform with precision as you face unexpected bonuses and penalties. Extend your platform to prevent the ball from falling more easily or tackle the challenge of a suddenly shrinking platform. Adapt your gameplay strategy from level to level to dominate each one.

🚀 Amazing Power-Ups:
Unlock a range of amazing power-ups that change the rules of the game. From expanding balls to super extended platforms, each power-up brings a new strategic dimension to “Lacking Measure.” Use wisdom and reflexes to maximize their impact to your advantage.

❌ Penalties to Avoid:
Beware of penalties that could make your mission more difficult. Platforms that contract, shrinking balls, and other challenges will force you to think quickly and adapt to new circumstances. One mistake could change the course of the game.

🏆 Challenge and Personal Records:
Aiming for the highest score becomes a thrilling challenge, but it’s your personal satisfaction that matters most. There are no global leaderboards, but your skill in mastering the levels of “Lacking Measure” will be your greatest trophy.

🎵 Engaging Rhythm:
Be carried away by the engaging soundtrack that accompanies every shot and every epic achievement. The captivating rhythm will urge you to strike with style and precision, making each level an unforgettable experience.

“Lacking Measure” is the revolution of the classic “Breakout,” a gaming experience that combines creativity and challenge. Try it now and get ready to unite your strategic skills with the destructive power of “Lacking Measure”!

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