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In the heart of Fuorigrotta, Naples, the historic Cotroneo Pharmacy has embraced innovation through the design and development of a revolutionary mobile application for its services. The Mobile App, available on both iOS and Android systems, aims to simplify and enhance the customer experience by allowing them to book services directly from their smartphone.

Key Features of the Mobile App:

  • Intuitive Booking: With the app, Cotroneo Pharmacy customers can book a wide range of services quickly and intuitively. From pharmaceutical consultations to blood tests, everything is accessible with a few taps on the screen.
  • Date and Time Selection: The application offers the option to select the preferred date and time for the desired service. This flexibility ensures full adaptation to customer needs, allowing them to manage their appointments conveniently.
  • Customization of Contacts: Cotroneo Pharmacy can customize its contacts on the customer’s app, offering an even more tailored service to individual needs. This feature aims to improve customer care by making the pharmacy easily reachable and providing useful information.
  • Management Web Application: Alongside the Mobile App, a powerful Management Web Application dedicated to the pharmacy has been developed. This platform allows the company to efficiently manage all aspects of the services offered.
  • Addition/Removal of Services: The pharmacy can easily add or remove services through the management web app, ensuring complete control over the range of offerings. This flexibility translates into a dynamic ability to adapt to changing customer needs.
  • Definition of Duration and Availability: Each service can be customized regarding its duration and days/times of availability. This feature allows the pharmacy to optimize appointment management, ensuring efficient and seamless service.
  • Integrated Appointment Calendar: The management web app includes a comprehensive appointment calendar, which includes appointments received via the mobile app and those manually entered by the pharmacy. This synchronization ensures a clear and unified view of all scheduled appointments.


The introduction of this innovative digital solution has allowed Cotroneo Pharmacy to adapt to the growing expectations of customers, offering a more efficient service tailored to their needs. The Mobile App and the Management Web Application represent a significant step forward in the modernization of the pharmaceutical sector, creating a bridge between tradition and technology to enhance the overall customer experience.