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he Palo Group, B&G Di Palo Distribuzione Alimentare srl, a company based in Campania operating in wholesale and retail food distribution and deeply rooted in the territory, has been part of the CRAI family since January 1st, 2020. CRAI is a historic Italian company, active for almost fifty years nationwide.

From the merger of these two GDO realities, which share ideals and values ​​oriented towards quality presence in the territory and customer satisfaction, CRAI CAMPANIA was born.

The Palo Group asked us to create a website specifically for CRAI CAMPANIA that would be easily accessible to users, close to the people, and fully manageable even by those working within the Group.

For the realization of this project, we worked synergistically with the marketing team of the Palo Group, coordinated by Director Antonio Grasso, giving great importance to phases of analysis, listening, and above all continuous dialogue with the client. Through meetings, regular encounters, and constant dialogue, it was possible to identify targets, strategies, needs, and expected results, in order to structure a quality website aimed at satisfying both parties.

Our Winning Formula for This Project

The result is a website that is simple yet highly innovative, practical, and functional. The graphics are vibrant with colors, yet clear and clean at the same time. The website is “responsive,” meaning it’s optimized for viewing on smartphones and tablets, and secure with an SSL certificate.

Within the website, the customer will easily find all the information they need: they can check the latest promotional offers and browse through flyers (even directly from the home page), use the Geolocation feature to find the nearest store, and read articles related to the latest commercial initiatives and CRAI’s commitment to social causes through the “news” section.

Furthermore, another deeply innovative element that allows the company to be even closer to its customers and the social world is the inclusion of a real “wall,” a section containing all the latest news from social media.

This structured website, characterized by innovative graphic and technological features while remaining easy to navigate, allows the company to communicate and interact immediately with its customers, clearly conveying its values and identity: always putting product quality and people at the forefront.

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